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Document and preserve all spheres of knowledge related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities and make accessible to all.


  • Document, preserve and digitally archive ethnography and knowledge bases such as dialects, belief systems, myths, rituals, folklore, games, indigenous medicine, law and administrative systems, technologies and arts of mainstream and marginalized communities.
  • Engage in and support preservation and digital archiving of written, print, multi-media and electronic resources related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.
  • Provide knowledge and information services to ensure free and open access thereby support educational, research and development endeavors related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.
  • Build communities of practice, processes, technologies and standards of archival, library information sciences through communication, networking and collaboration.

Guiding Principles

  • Unity: Entities of Noolaham Foundation shall exist in different geographical, legal and political territories. Noolaham Foundation always ensures unity in its strategic framework, its design, programme, budget and communications.
  • Openness: As the driving force of Noolaham Foundation is centered on open data, open access and open knowledge; it does not charge the end-users for accessing its archive. It expects end-users not to use the contents for individual or corporate economic gain.
  • Transparency: All of Noolaham’s operations strive to be open and transparent. Our commitment includes detail accounting reports, comprehensive governance, programs, and outcome information dissemination and responsiveness to request for information.
  • Unbiased: Noolaham Foundation is an unbiased entity. While it engages volunteers from different political thoughts, parities and stands for Noolaham’s mission, it does not allow volunteers to use Noolaham Foundation for their political engagement and leverage. Noolaham Foundation shall take appropriate measures to ensure from being politicized or being labeled.
  • Volunteerism: Volunteerism is the basis for all Noolaham operations. The Annual work plan will be formulated giving emphasis on volunteer contribution, to optimize the overheads and performance targets for each team.
  • Collaboration: Noolaham strives to avoid duplication and repetition of work, thereby promote synergy among similar organizations in digital documentation and preservation. Noolaham Foundation shall support institutions to complete projects if such collaboration optimize the productivity and vice versa.
  • Participation: Broadening and strengthening the participation of the stakeholders of Noolaham Foundation is part and parcel of the Noolaham culture. It consults with all the stakeholders to take or review the policies and decisions that affect the business of Noolaham Foundation. The Noolaham shall introduce mechanisms to ensure active participation of the stakeholders, to maintain the team spirit, to value innovations and to appreciate excellence.

Support us

Noolaham Foundation relies heavily on the generous support from our users and well wishers. Please consider making a donation today. The Benefactors page is dedicated to some of the organizations and individuals helping to sustain the Foundation's programs. The Foundation does not necessarily endorse the activities of its benefactors.

Volunteers can get involved in various tasks. Please go through our divisions to see what we are doing in detail. For all other types of contributions, see how you can contribute or please contact us.


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